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Although Residential Construction and Renovation is our primary business, our portfolio does not end there.  We take great pride in taking on new and exciting projects like building custom framed barns and shops.  Most companies who specialize in these type of structures have you chose from a limited number of pre-fabricated designs.  These types of structures are usually manufactured far away from your site and have limited practicality for their intended use.

We feel that it is important however, that just because you may need a barn or a shop, it shouldn't have to look like one.  We can build a facility for you that is not only practical, but fits with the unique characteristics of the property and other buildings already on site.  Guelph and area is rich with historical buildings and sites and we want to help maintain that feeling in the area.  Please come in and see us to discuss any project from a garden shed to a barn restoration to a full sized industrial shop to accommodate massive equipment.  We will determine your intended purpose and needs for the structure and incorporate them into a beautiful and timeless piece of heritage.


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