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It is impossible to express the gratitude we feel for everything you did during the building of our house. The crew was wonderful. They never complained when I would get in their way two to four times a day with a dog in tow. In addition, during the early stages of building, they had to deal with some of the wettest weather we have had in a while. They are very remarkable guys!

Your office staff was great. They are terrific to deal with.  Most importantly is your dedication to the job on hand. Your eye for detail is amazing. You were very easy to work with. You brought the job on time. If we had to rate your company and employees on a scale of one to ten, we would have to give you an eleven.

Thanks to everyone. We think our home is beautiful!

Robert & Martina
-Guelph, ON

We want to thank you for the wonderful job you've done in creating our dream home. The reference we were given when we were considering builders was "Sloot Construction is a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10". We now know what this meant and we agree wholeheartedly. They quality of workmanship and the attention to detail are fantastic. Your high standards and skills prove you to be a fine craftsman.


We are also impressed with your business being so family and community oriented. It's reassuring to see some good old-fashioned values in this day and age. All of your staff have been a pleasure to deal with, each one of them seemed to always be smiling and positive. 

It's obvious you're in the business of building homes, not just houses. Thank you for the job you did on ours. Should you ever want to show our home, you are always welcome.

Scott & Brenda
-Guelph, ON

It isn't often that reality surpasses hopes and expectations, but this time is has happened! We are really delighted with what you and your employees have built for us and at such a modest price. It has been most encouraging to watch those energetic young men working away at their jobs in all weather and taking pride in what they have done. Makes one feel there's not much wrong with Canada after all. We were also reassured and calmed by the easy way in which you surmounted the various difficulties that occurred from time to time. We never realized before that one of the essential things required in a building contractor is a philosophical disposition. Many, many thanks to you and all your team!

-Guelph, ON

 From the design and planning process to completion, working with Sloot Construction has been an exciting experience. 

To see our design and personal choices come to life has been gratifying. The suppliers, trades and service people employed by Sloot Construction are the best in the business, and their expertise and attitudes of helpfulness were greatly appreciated.

To sum it all up, we would do it all over again.

Thanks to this wonderful family business. We love our new home!

-Puslinch, ON
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