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Country Properties

Escape the stress and congestion of a typical suburban subdivision and discover the tranquility of country estate living. Building a home on your dream property isn't just a house, it's designated to become a family heirloom.     

Whether you are looking for a lot or have already found one, Sloot Construction Ltd. is happy to accommodate your needs and design around your lands unique layout. We will work with you to build a truly custom home on your own site with the same easy process and peace of mind as if you were building in one of our communities. 

We will meet with you on site to inspect the land and review everything from choosing the best orientation for the home, to identifying setbacks and service locations. 

You may already have plans and ideas or you may prefer to start from scratch with our designer. You can count on Sloot Construction Ltd. from excavation to closing for an enjoyable home building experience. 

A custom home on your lot. Designed, crafted, supervised and warranted by Sloot Construction Ltd.

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