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Energy Star High Efficiency

In April 2013, Sloot Construction Ltd. was overjoyed to unveil the very first home in Canada to be labelled under the new Energy Star for New Homes Standard.  This is an achievement of which we are extremely proud of. We would truly enjoy  discussing the opportunity of labeling your new home as an Energy Star Home.

We can achieve this nationally accredited status in your new home by implementing some typical energy efficient measures, such as, upgraded insulation, higher performance windows, better draftproofing, more efficient heating, hot water and air conditioning systems and improved air distribution.  By labeling your home as Energy Star, it means that your home is approximately 20 to 40 percent more energy efficient than the same home built to the Ontario Building Code.

This not only translates into lower energy bills in an era of increasing energy costs, but also improved comfort, cleaner indoor air quality, improved resale value and a lower impact on our increasingly fragile environment.

By continuously researching and developing new building practices and technologies, (such as the use of the state of the art Foamular CodeBord Air Barrier System) with the help and input of trades, suppliers and government agencies, it is our philosophy and goal to build homes in the coming years that are not only Energy Star Efficient but also Self Sufficient.  We would be honoured to share this history in the making with our family of homeowners.

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